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September 3, 2019
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November 3, 2019

Awe-Inspiring Event Visuals: 3 Amazing Integrations for Good ROI

With so many events happening all the time around the world, it can be challenging to find ways to make yours stand out from the crowd.

First and foremost, you want to keep attendees engaged while they are present. However, more than just that, you also want them to enjoy their experience so much that they share it on social media. And then you have to convince them that it would be worthwhile for them to come to your next event with another friend!

This is a lot of pressure, particularly if you are still stuck in the old-school way of doing events. But, this is 2019, which means you have and need technology. And not just any technology, but event visuals that are incorporated into the event in a tasteful yet creative way with the help of an audio-visual company in Dubai.

If you want awe-inspiring event visuals, then keep reading for three amazing integrations with good ROI.

1. LED Screens

Undoubtedly, one of the most significant technological enhancements in the world of event visuals can be seen in the current offerings of LED screens.

Unlike a few years ago, today, you can find high-quality LED displays that offer excellent brightness control, seamlessly linked panels, and more “dots per inch.” Together, these updates mean that you can utilize screens of all sizes, without having to worry about losing any resolution quality.

In addition to ensuring wonderfully-detailed pictures, videos and text, new LED screens also tend to have thinner modules. This update allows you to produce subtle curves in the display for a unique and dramatic look.

Similarly, flat-screen displays are being used more frequently as their cost and weight continue to drop. During events, you can use flat-screen screens in the place of a traditional projector setup. Additionally, they can be used to ensure that those in the back of the event space can have an up-close view of everything that’s being shown.

2. Hologram

Hologram effects and other similar optical presentations and illusions have significantly improved in recent years, and are now proceeding to enhance events around the world.

Due to a range of technological improvements and innovations, holograms are now able to produce visually impressive outcomes. These effects are versatile enough that they are being used in events ranging from professional conferences to hip music festivals.

Audiences love holograms because they are bright, detailed, and visible enough to enhance the experience but not so overbearing that they become a distraction. What’s more, they tend to make for more engaging presentations.

No matter what your event, there is probably a way for you to incorporate the novelty of hologram effects. Perhaps you can utilize the technology to present charts or other visual representations of data during a speech? Or use them as an alternative to flying in keynote speakers?

Alternatively, they can also enhance the appearance of interactivity on the stage. Furthermore, through the use of holographic projection, you can have your talks and seminars attended by more people who can also be involved.

Of course, as technology advances further, holograms are going to be used in many more ways. However, if you are looking to stand out from your competition by using a technological integration with a good ROI and a serious “wow factor,” then hologram effects may be precisely what you need.

3. Projection Mapping

Projection mapping enables you to project imagery onto a surface such as indoor stage effects or video onto buildings.

During an event, projection mapping is a surefire strategy for creating the most engaging experience for attendees possible. When it comes to projection mapping, the opportunities are seemingly infinite. Just an example: you can use this technology to put sponsored branding or movie-style narratives throughout your venue.

Not only does projection mapping ensure improved engagement by imparting a sense of interactivity, but it also attaches a memorable characteristic to your event. What’s more, projection mapping is guaranteed to be quickly shared on social media, which is a fantastic way of getting impressive ROI for publicity.

To be successful with your projection mapping, you want to make sure you are working with an audio-visual company in Dubai (or wherever you are located). By bringing highly qualified professionals onboard, you can rest easy knowing that they are going to conjure up a concept that creates a lasting impact, while also remaining unique and relevant to your event.

Leverage Technology to Elevate Your Event

At Level Production, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all things events.

With our mix of dedicated and experienced event planners in Dubai, we are certainly not your average events company. Not only do we specialize in various aspects of event planning and management (including AV design and staging and events production); but we can also bring our expertise to concept planning, production, installation, and operation.

To learn more about our event services in Dubai, and ensure you are incorporating awe-inspiring event visuals that bring good ROI, reach out to Level Production today.


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