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The Impact of Audio Quality on Live Events

What are the critical ingredients for a successful product launch?

While branding agencies, event hosts, and event production companies will have different opinions about the various elements that influence the success of a product launch, many will agree that sound plays an understated but integral role.

Remember the last time you attended a live event and the presenter was having issues with the visuals? It is easier to overcome glitches related to visuals rather than dealing with poor audio quality. A speaker can work around these mishaps compared to audio problems like a busted mic or broken speakers.

Furthermore, with several things competing for the attention of guests in a live event, it is easier to get away with visual glitches if the audio is crystal clear and can transmit the message loud and clear.

But why does audio matter for product launches and similar events?

How sound affects people

To better understand how the quality of audio affects live events, it is a good idea to learn how sounds affect humans.

Sound affects humans in three ways – physiologically, psychologically, and cognitively.


From an evolutionary standpoint, human hearing has developed as a sense of warning. Through thousands of years of collective experience, the human body becomes primed by sudden and unusual signs. The body produces cortisol to get the body ready for what is perceived as a threat. Even today, modern people are put into a state of fight or flight upon hearing sudden and unexpected noises.


Sounds, especially music, alter moods and emotions. Just think how pumped you are for your workout after hearing some upbeat music. Or how calm and soothed you feel after hearing nature sounds.


Sounds also affect how people concentrate on their tasks. When loud music is blaring in the background, can you remain focused and undistracted? Most probably not. This is because loud noises can be distracting and take away the ability to concentrate.

Understanding how humans are affected by sounds will allow you to better engineer your product launch and muster and maximize the necessary resources to meet your end goals.

How poor sound quality sabotages your event

Sound quality can make or break your event. But how exactly can poor audio impact your event?

Your guests come to your event, ready to be impressed. Mishaps like audio delays or broken sounds can leave your guests distracted, or worse, underwhelmed. Poor sound quality can also make your business look unprofessional and ill-prepared. In turn, this can leave a poor impression on them.

That poor impression can leave a lasting mark, which can adversely affect your upcoming events in the future. Right or wrong, your product launch sets the tone on how people will view your future events. Worse, you might have a difficult time rounding up guests to come to your next event.

For product launches, the delivery of your message is equally important as the message itself. And when you cannot effectively deliver that message because of problems related to audio, you’ll essentially be wasting your and your guests’ time, rendering your event a big failure.

Even your team members who have worked hard behind the scenes to put together the product launch can be put in a bad light due to sound mishaps, embarrassing them to the people they have invited to attend your product launch.

Two types of audio problems to avoid

Audio problems can be classified into two categories: systemic and speaker idiosyncrasies.

Systemic audio problems include those related to choosing and using the wrong equipment for the event, lack of experience of those operating the equipment, or even improper installation of gear. Often, this boils down to negligence or poor preparation on the part of the audiovisual crew. Fortunately, these are rare and easily avoided.

Speaker idiosyncrasies, on the other hand, are a more prevalent issue. You see, people speak at different volumes. In an ideal scenario, the speakers should project the voice of each presenter uniformly. But what happens most of the time is you have presenters speaking at different volumes even with the same audio gear. You’ll have one presenter who talks loud and clear, followed by another who speaks softly. The audio crew will then have to adjust on the fly to even out the sound.

With both types of audio problems, preparation is vital. But more importantly, with the latter.

This is where you have to rely on the experience of a company that specializes in event production services. Such a company can ensure a consistent sound level throughout your product launch by performing sound tests before the start of the program and making the necessary adjustments.

It is also a good idea to encourage the speakers for your event to do a quick sound check to make it easier for the sound crew to make the necessary calibrations on the sound equipment.

Whatever your live event may be, excellent audio quality is a vital ingredient for success. Failure to take into account can lead to mishaps that can damage your reputation.

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