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January 12, 2020
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April 10, 2020

While hotels and beach resorts serve as popular venue choices for engagements, receptions and other marriage functions in the UAE, it takes more than a luxurious setting to create a premium wedding experience

In order for any large-scale event to have a hitch-free execution with a footfall of a few hundred to a thousand people, venues usually partner with a professional event management company with access to high-quality vendor services including the latest in audiovisual technology. 

Below is a breakdown of the benefits of engaging a professional audiovisual production events company for wedding events:

Extensive technical expertise

Whilst venues, such as hotels, tend to have longstanding relationships with specific vendors for food, lighting, music and so on, this reliance on the same talent pool can result in a series of same-looking events. When catering to clients who want to go the extra mile for their wedding, creative venues are likely to find it difficult to meet their demand for specialised services. 

However, working with a professional audiovisual production company allows venues to offer cutting-edge visual aesthetics using the latest technology. The experts at these companies possess a sophisticated understanding of audiovisual technology, staging equipment and other technical aspects, which are required to turn any wedding venue into the site for a grand spectacle. 

And, when required, they can even be relied on for additional services, such as providing power generators for additional light and sound equipment, specialist subwoofers, additional staging, etc., brought in for the event. 

The end result is a unique, memorable event, which reflects favourably on the venue and would not be possible using standard resources.  

The latest wedding trends 

In order to generate more buzz among potential clientele, it’s important for venues to embrace innovative ideas. The execution of unique events, however, may not be possible for venues using only their in-house staff. 

A professional audiovisual production company will be up-to-date with the latest trends and will be able to produce the exact ‘look’ a client demands for their wedding event. With their knowledge and access to technical expertise and equipment, these experts can envision and execute a diverse range of wedding events

Relief for in-house venue coordinators  

Most wedding venues will have an in-house venue coordinator but their attention is generally stretched thin between the multiple events they are supervising for numerous clients. 

By partnering with an audiovisual production company for a wedding, in-house coordinators get access to experts who are able to exploit the full potential of a venue to create a beautiful wedding experience. 

As a result, a venue is seen in the best light by the numerous guests of the clients, and the clients themselves are highly satisfied with the experience. On top of this, the hotel’s venue coordinator can leave the technical aspects for lighting and sound to the experts, freeing up valuable time to manage other aspects of their events. 

Looking for professional audiovisual production services, from A to Z? Contact Level Production today. 

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