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March 16, 2020
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April 10, 2020

In the events industry, we all know that the right audiovisual equipment can turn a good event into a great one. Events are expected to be bigger, better and more memorable than ever before. A professional setup will give you the best opportunity to hold an event that ticks those boxes and get your client coming back. If you’re thinking about purchasing your own AV equipment, consider these advantages to renting.

Buying AV equipment can be costly

The fact is that there’s no universal setup that can be used for all events. You’re likely to need an array of equipment to suit every client’s needs. AV requirements for large scale events, like weddings, are very different to those that are needed for intimate events, such as meetings. It’s, therefore, a smarter business (and budgetary) decision to rent AV equipment that can be specifically customised to suit your client’s preferences. 

Access to experts…

Renting out AV equipment means you get access to the experts who know how to work with complicated setups. They can help you avoid Murphy’s Law of absolute disaster, including screeching mics, flickering projectors, or worse, fused out plugs! These mishaps can be managed or completely avoided with the right experts managing the technology. 

…with unique ideas

The right AV production and rental company will also help you understand if your ideas are feasible and can indeed be executed, or further elaborate on a simple theme with their creative insights and experience. You will also have access to more ideas, themes and concepts than what an in-house team usually has. This results in offering unique solutions to clients.

Access to the latest technology

It isn’t about simple setups anymore. Virtual reality, immersive environments, technology that engages all five senses, digital communication are current trends in the industry that help make the event a success. Remember that the best AV rental companies don’t use obsolete pieces of equipment. That means events that don’t feel dated, but are interesting and engaging. This is one of the keys to ensuring that an event is memorable. Speaking of which….

Using the elements 

The experts should know how to use the four basic elements of a setup, including sound, visual, projections and special effects, in order to achieve your goals. Seamlessly integrating these four elements ensures that the audience is able to understand the message and retain it better, thus resulting in a standout experience that is only beneficial for brand awareness. 

So, choose an AV rental company that can help you enable a successful event by providing creativity, superior products and professional support. For more information get in touch with us here.

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