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Create a Vibrant Setting for Your Corporate Event: Five Essential Considerations

Whether it is your first time organizing an event, or your hundredth, you always want to be looking for ways to make it stand out from the rest. From the importance of location to why you should use event services in Dubai, keep reading to learn the five essential considerations when creating a vibrant setting for your corporate event.

1. Location, location, location

The first (and most important) consideration when creating a vibrant setting for your corporate event is the location. This is significant because it will either make or break the atmosphere of your event.

Before starting to look at potential venues, think about the type of event you are going to be hosting. Then, make a list of the facilities or the kind of space(s) you are going to need. If it is a unique event (such as a product launch or celebration party), you may want to look for a venue that is more out-of-the-box.

Depending on whom you are inviting to the corporate event, keep in mind a venue’s proximity to relevant transport links and accommodation options, as well as parking spaces. If you are hosting a single-day event, then generally it is best to host it in a town or city with easy transport links.

On the other hand, a weekend conference or retreat is better suited to a more rural setting where guests can be fully present and engaged with what you have organized.

2. The vibe upon entry

If you want to put on a memorable and vibrant event, then you need to set the mood for your guests upon entrance. From the get-go, you want guests to understand the event theme and mission — brainstorm ways to get imaginative with your marketing, signage, gifting, and branding. You want your guests to recognize that this event is different from all the others they have previously attended early on.

Therefore, much consideration needs to be given to the entrance décor, as well as the parting gifts for attendees. Furthermore, focus on having an organized and streamlined check-in process so that your attendees are in a good mood from arrival onwards.

Lastly, there should be staff assigned to greet every guest at the event. Overall, you want those who are working the event to be friendly and welcoming to attendees as they are vital to enhancing the vibe.

3. Engaging activities

Once your attendees have arrived and are raring to get going, you want to ensure that you have engaging activities planned with which they can get involved.

The last thing you want is an event dominated by boring speakers who have your staff continually looking at their watches, and attendees falling asleep. Instead, you want to have an event that is on the opposite end of the spectrum, featuring different activities – team-building exercises, workshops, real-time surveys, and other relevant, immersive learning opportunities.

Not only will having engaging activities make the experience more enjoyable for those who have decided to attend the event; but it will also give your company a reputation for hosting great events. This, in turn, will make it easier for you to get people to attend future gatherings.

4. Event visuals

In the technological age, it is hard to keep anyone’s attention without the use of awe-inspiring visuals. When it comes to your corporate event, there are three AV technologies that you should consider integrating: LED screens, holograms, and projection mapping.

All three of these technologies are crowd favorites because they are a surefire way to create an engaging and vibrant experience. Plus, they add a memorable flavor to your event and can bring in an excellent ROI.

If you do decide to utilize event visuals, make sure you opt to work with a high-quality audio-visual company in Dubai (or wherever you are hosting your event). This will ensure that you are going to use the technology in a manner that creates a lasting, favorable impact.

5. The presentation space

Chances are that, at some point in your event, you are going to have someone go up on stage to give a presentation. Even if it is only for the opening and closing remarks, you still want to ensure that the presentation space is set up effectively. This means considering the height, size, lighting, and accessibility of the presentation space. It also means ensuring that you have the right selection of microphones and lecterns.

Generally, it is best to keep the presentation space simple. Otherwise, you run the risk of distracting speakers and guests from what is being presented. However, it is still encouraged that you speak with presenters to ascertain whether the decor of the presentation space needs to be used for any strategic purpose.

Last but not least, consider how the presentation space is going to look on camera for those who are going to be watching virtually later on, or for your future marketing efforts.

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