Audiovisual Productions and AV Rentals

As the leading audiovisual productions and rental company in Dubai, we bring technical know-how and unparalleled customer experience to deliver awe-inspiring event experiences

We are a full-service AV production and AV rental company in Dubai and we believe the only way to do things is to do them right. Our customer-centric approach to your audiovisual needs means we get to work immediately. Not only will we closely collaborate with you to make your idea tangible, but we’ll also ensure you have access to the right AV rental tools, technology, and experts to deliver an amazing and memorable event experience.

No matter how complex or creative your idea is, we can provide a coherent action plan that creates immediate business impact. Whatever your requirements, we are your one source for all things audiovisual. Whether you need lighting, audio, staging and rigging, or visuals and special effects, we invest in the latest audiovisual technology and first-class equipment. We also have the experience and know-how crucial to providing you with unparalleled technical and creative solutions.

Sound & Lighting

No matter your event category, from corporate events and festivals to weddings, sound and lighting play a crucial and transformative role. As a future-ready audio visual company, Level uses the latest audiovisual technology to capture sound and light’s transformative capabilities. The result is a heightened event experience for you and your guests.

From the seen to the unseen, we offer a diverse stock of professional AV rental solutions from audio equipment and stage lighting for all your event needs.

Visuals & Special Effects

We have unrivaled experience in creating stunning imagery and ambiance that bring any event space to life. No matter the atmosphere or occasion, we have the skills and resources to produce eye-catching illustrations and 3D visuals that add energy and dynamism to your event. Our expertise in Dubai AV design will perfectly complement your conceptual proposals and ideas.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Let us make your story shine.

Staging & Rigging

Whether it’s a large-scale conference or an intimate gathering for your special day, we can transform any existing venue infrastructure to meet your needs. Our technical and creative team of experts will work closely with you to design bespoke stage sets and rig your event space with the right AV technology to deliver on an engaging event experience.

Let us transform your concepts and ideas into a stunning reality.

Our full A to Z approach to audiovisual solutions ensures you have complete audiovisual support. From strategy and concept creation to production and installation, we’re involved in your project every step of the way. No matter your brief or budget, we can deliver on an unforgettable experience that really stands out.

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